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700 years ago people didn't have photo-cameras, only drawers and memories. Today will take a look at Jehanne d'Arc and how she lived at her time.

She had a normal figure, long black hair and her eye color is still open to an argument.

At the early age of 15-16 Jehanne went to war and died at the early age of only 19 years old. Jehanne never attended school, she can't tell you which is A and which is B in the alphabet. Only her mother taught her and that was religion, it was called The Ave Maria, Lord's Prayer and The Credo. Jehanne was a good child for her age; the villagers always said good things about the young religious girl. Jehanne went several times a day to church to confess, pray and listen. Her most remembered characteristic trait was her self-confidence, Jehanne was always quick-witted and total uncompromising. She was strong-willed, intelligent and one brave girl. She had a hard time in the War though, she was always good-natured, and she would always care for the poor. She would share and give to those less fortunate. Like her earlier friend Hauviette was at the revision; she was also kind-hearted.


Her name

The virgin Johanna, Jeanne d'Arc la Pucelle

Birthplace Domrémy-La-Pucelle,

People called herJhanette' in France Jeanne' and general she was called "Jehanne" without the surname.

Every place people talk about Jehanne, she always got a new name.

In France she is Jeanne d'Arc, Jehanne la Pucelle, Jehanne, J.TArc or J.Darc

In Germany among other different abbreviations Johanna of Orléans, in the USA they call her loving Joan of Arc, or J.dAy.

The name La pucelle' she was given to her by herself. La Pucelle is a Surname from her birth place Domrémy, also Domrémy-la-Pucelle and describe herself as a Virgin. The Name Jehanne d'Arc' is just the Name of a Legend, but if we say Jhanette Tarc' that is the name of a girl which actually lived. "d'Arc" was produced years later, because the parenthesis didn't exist at her time! So they called it DARC or TARC.


Her birth place

Jehanne was born in a little town in central France called Domrémy. It was a part of Greux, where the major church was near a loathing plateau at the river called 'Maas' and near a river called 'La Loire'. It was a poor, but very religious place. Year later it was called Domremy, it was still active in the tax allowance, Thanks to for Jehanne's great deeds!

There are still some well-known questions about Jehanne d'Arc. Was she a royal bastard?

The author claims to refer to documents from the "bastard carrier/porter"

The documents are bad, and from the contradictory they don't want us to hear something!

But it's a fact, that the so-called..."silent" chronicles, don't silent! King Karö VI made enquiries in Domrémy, from what the villagers know about Jehanne and was convinced that she was born in this town, and no other! By her Parents Ysabeau Rommée d'Arc and Jaques d'Arc. Jaques Cordier and Regine proudly confirmed this thesis exactly. Some strange lines told us, after Jehanne's execution the villagers suddenly don't know or remember anything about the pucelle. It seems not really the truth, we already know, about Jehanne's death; France still honored Jehanne, but not completely. Her pictures and medallions that belonged to her suddenly all vanished.


Jehanne was born between 1410 and 1412 at the sixth of January, and died on the 30th of March in 1431. She was baptized at the church of Domremy by priest Jean Nynet.

She has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her father; Jaques Darc (/Tarc), farmer and mayor of Domrémy and Mother Ysabeau Rommée Darc(/Tarc). The Story about her sister is very controversial. There are Chronicles they say; she had one sister, no sister or even five sisters! At this disputed theme we can proceed from the assumption that she had only one older sister (Catherine), but she died in Jehanne's childhood or even before her birth.

Her godfathers, two womenAgnes' and Jehanne, one man Jean Bavent, among other things.


Her parents

Jacques Darc was at that time one for the talent of the village municipality to decisive people. Coming from Ceffonds, he chose to work with his hands by taking the life of a farmer as his livelihood.  He was not rich, but he and his family lived well. He was well liked and he was both a respectable and affable man.

Jaques's wife and Jehannette' Mother Isabelle Romee had grown up in the Village of Domremy.  With Jehanette were her three brothers, Jaquemin, Jean and Pierre and an older sister named Catherine, who died in the autumn of 1429.  Catherine was married to Colin Le Maire.  As to compensate the mortality rate and the increased population, Jehanette had seven Godfathers, which was not uncommon for that time.


Family Darc




Pierre Darc



Jean Darc



Jacquemin Darc



Catherine Darc



 Jeanne Darc

  born: between 1410-1412

 | died: 1431