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The book by: Romm Freddy A., Haifa, Israel


Joan of ARC: By Herself & Her Witnesses by Régine Pernoud. This is one of the books which I used for my own research. Price: $13.56

Joan of Arc: Her Story by Regine Pernoud and Marie-Veronique Clin; translated by Jeremy duQuesnay Adams; edited by Prof. Bonnie Wheeler. Price: $19.56

Upcoming book by Régine Pernoud This is a book by Régine Pernoud which will be published posthumously on September 19th. You can place an advance order now. Price: $11.96

Proces de Condamnation Et de Rehabilitation de Jeanne D'Arc Quicherat's classic work, hardcover version. Retail Price: $230.00; Service Charge: $5.00

Proces de Condamnation Et de Rehabilitation de Jeanne D'Arc Paperback version of the above. Retail Price: $230.00; Service Charge: $5.00

The Spiritual Way of St. Jeanne D'Arc by George H. Tavard. Price: $14.36

Jeanne d'Arc Written and illustrated by Maurice Monvel (1850-1913). A beautifully illustrated children's book, published in the 19th century and now out of print. Price: $195.00



recommendable and important author's

Jules Quicherat
Jaques Cordier
Régine Pernoud
Marie-Veronique Clin
Sven Stolpe


Anatole France
Walter Rost