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Who was she this Joan of Arc? - Jeanne La Pucelle, The Maid of Orléans, Jeanne d'Arc, Jehanne or Jehannette? There are many names and titles but who was behind them? She was the rarest of women. She was a warrior without equal, in politics as well as on the battlefield. She fought in the Hundred Years War between France and England, and she was the one who turned the tide of battle and set in motion the events which resulted in the expulsion of the English from the continent.
She was the media-event of the 15th century; all of Europe spoke of her! She was intelligent, self-confident, attractive and elegant - a prophetess whose visions launched her meteoric career. She was a woman of action; she was totally uncompromising.
It was an unheard-of situation, but soon the gossip reached the King which left him feeling hurt - without her he was nothing - he felt like a hen-pecked husband in the shade of the peoples heroine. The courtiers too boiled with rage, her arrogance and her presumptuous behaviour brought about her downfall.
She was a woman of such power how could that be? At the end, she was excommunicated and burned alive at the stake as a relapsed heretic.
Jenny-Jinya Hefczyc