Journey diary  - Domrémy & Vaucouleurs ATTENTION; In this first report some parts of domrémy have been omitted. But you can find stuff about them in the other/ following reports !!! About time too! Long-awaited and longed-for, the journey diary goes on to the next round! We planned Vaucouleurs, Domrémy, Orléans and Rouen! Day 1 I can't feel my legs anymore! The day before our ride, I was running for 10 hours non-stop! Buying food for the drive, bringing my bag's (6) to my dad, etc and that was all on foot! The WHOLE day!! My dad calls it "Quirky" but I call it "Adventure-time" :D The night of Friday the 5th of May, at 1 am, we started our ride. I was still sleeping and my father managed to get us to Vaucouleurs and Domrémy in 7 hours (I write Vaucouleurs and Domrémy together because they are close to each other, maybe 3 minutes by car!). Since it was on our way, we made an excursion to Vaucouleurs. There are some pretty wonderful things!! I didn't find any good souvenir shops in Vaucouleurs. When we were in Domrémy, the first thing I did was to throw myself at the souvenir shop crying (like a vulture, ha-ha) and spent 200€ there!!! It's pretty intense, one must take into consideration the fact that last year I spent 200€ in Orleans and Reims, and in Domrémy I spent the same sum in ONE shop of maybe 20 square metres! Wow... The shop assistant was smiling to see how I came back after all 10 seconds with my arms full of Joan-things. All the time she was saying "Oh! WHAT a fanatic!!!". Well... House of Saint Joan of Arc I felt good there, and I imagined how the little Jehanette Romée Darc worked in that house. The little church, next to her house, so wonderful modest and inviting, touched my soul! For that one moment I sat down. It was good to imagine, to feel, how Joan prayed here for much of her life. The church is like Joan, modest and simple. I didn't dare to take any photos there. I couldn't. Such a peaceful place, I didn't want to disrupt it by the ignorance of a tourist! I stayed there for a few hours, and my heart hurt when I left that place. But how did Joan feel, after living her whole life in that idyllic place - leaving forever...?! With a heavy heart we are already embarking on the next adventure. This was a short stay, but we'll be back.