Jacques (Jacquot) Darc

Name;Jacques (or Jacquot) Darc (or Tarc, Daix, other variations)
Born: 1375, at Ceffonds
Died: 1431
Wife: Isabelle (Zabillet) Romée
Children: -- Son: Jacquemin Darc
- Son: Jean Darc du Lys
- Son: Pierre Darc du Lys
- Daughter: Jehanne Darc (St. Joan of Arc)
- Daughter: Catherine Darc
Jeanne d'Arcs father
In 1419 he went in with another family to rent the Château de l'Ile. By 1423 he was the doyen (sergeant) of Domrémy, according to a document of that year. In 1427 he served as a representative for Domrémy in a court case at Vaucouleurs. He was ennobled on December 29th, 1429, along with the rest of the family, and died shortly after his daughter's execution, apparently overcome with grief.