Isabelle (Zabillet) Romée (de Vouthon)

Name; Isabelle (Zabillet) Romée Darc
born: ? at vouthon?
died: November 28, 1458
Husband:Jacques (Jacquot) Darc
Children: - Son: Jacquemin Darc
- Son: Jean Darc du Lys
- Son: Pierre Darc du Lys
- Daughter: Jehanne Darc (St. Joan of Arc)
- Daughter: Catherine Darc
Jeanne d'Arcs Mother
Ennobled with the rest of the family on December 29th, 1429. She lost both her daughter and husband in 1431, and left Domrémy after the death of the latter, settling in Orléans by 1440. She was ill by this time, and the dignitaries of Orléans covered all of her living and medical expenses out of gratitude for her daughter's help in liberating the city, granting Isabelle a stipend of 48 sous-parisis per month. She pushed for an appeal of her daughter's conviction and acted as plaintiff when the re-trial began in 1455, although she was too feeble by then to attend all of the hearings. She lived long enough to see her daughter declared innocent by the Church when the original verdict was thrown out in July of 1456. She funded masses in Jehanne's memory at Domrémy for the sum of two gros-barrois per year.