Diary of a Journey

I often spend time in France, and so I thought I would make a special journal of my visits there and call it, Diary of a Journey.

I dont write about all my visits there, just the ones of particular importance to me. What began in a small way soon grew as the interest of others grew.

My special journeys allow me to understand the continuing influence of Joan of Arc in modern France. What does she mean to the French? How is she remembered, celebrated, and honored? And how does a seeker of knowledge not lose one's way amidst the tourist attractions? Let's find out here...


Im sorry for the gaps; some original texts are yet to be translated.

Orléans 2005

Reims 2005

Domrémy 2006 + Vaucouleurs 2006

Orléans 2006 (Joan of Arc Festival )

Rouen 2006

Orleans + Paris 2006 "A Dream come true"

Domrémy + Vaucouleurs + Neufchateau 2007