Nizza 1994

Journey Diary Nizza '94

by Jenny-Jinya Hefczyc


Frankly speaking, I'm not sure if all of this was written here totally CORRECT;
all you can read here are vague memories of a 4 year old girl.


To the left and to the right there were usually kitsch; Flag's with "Je t'aime France", poster, painted plates and over salt 12-Dollar-jelly babies....but what was that?!

I was one of the strange children, who never grumbled or carped, never cried or talked pushing about all what they saw.
I was ill very often.
It was a tradition in our family, that we drive in foreign countries (and only with the car we drove14 to 20 hours)
That was for my parents amusement, I never did carp. J

I tend to draw obsessively or, to write or think about ridiculous thing's

Anytime, it was time to make holidays again, my parents would take a vacation courageous and were already planned, where we would drive, in a hectic way.
A way to France this time.

I didn't take a lot with me at that age. All that was interesting were my play cars and that I'm capable to eat (It was already in several dispatches, I was often ill)
If I remember right, we were in Cap d'Agde (or Nizza?!) and during then my parents argued enthusiastly. I was going behind them and sweated in the hot sun of the south.

So because land was so lacking on unnecessary souvenir shop's, we went straight into one of them.
Well, I fight me among, I lobe France"-posters and painted plate's, postcard's and over salt jelly baby's, and quickly before I was crying for the first time in my life because I was getting agoraphobia. I glanced at something incomparably awesome!

The plank's at the wall, which shall replace some kind of a shelve, was stretcheded to the floor, and exactly at my eye-level. I glanced at a little figure in bronze of Joan of Arc.
At that age, I wasn't interested in who that was. I think, I didn't understand it at all, but I can't get that portrait out of my head. It was this beautiful girl in her middle age armour. She was sitting on a strong horse and holding a great banner above her head. She was small, but I assume certainly expensive (If I think about the quick retreat of my parents, as they saw me with that thing). I was enchanted. I felt strange, when I looked at this. I think; I found something, which I will need in my life. In any case I didn't leave that shop so quick, if the seller wouldn't jabber me full with the words "That's something very special!"

Who was that? I didn't know.
It was the unknown amiable creature, without a name, without an antecedent, which only attained the highest position just due his presence.

That's all; I connected with those holidays, which was such a long time ago.
At 3 or 4 years, you can't remember some things and that land at all
(I do remember we had gotten a great Pool ;) !!!)